Client: Shirley van Geenen
Release: Mei 2009
Link: www.submarinechannel.com/transmedia/sollmann/


Spoorzoeker (translated ‘Path Finder’) is a theatrical adaptation of Hans Hagen’s book Het Spoor van de Panther (translated ‘The Trail of the Panther’), made for children aged 6 and over. It tells a tale of a girl named Djit and her journey to save her lost goat from the claws of the panther. During the journey, her courage and perseverance are pushed to the limit.

Director: Shirley van Geenen
Actors: Yola Geldtmeijer, Anca Siegersma en Roos Veenvliet
Sound Design: Raoul Matheron
Directing Coach: Dominique Roskott

Contribution to Spoorzoeker

Because Spoorzoeker was a theater play, audio had to be almost as flexible as in a video game. Apart from the music, I also had sound effects that had to be played at specific moments. For this, I used Ableton Live.


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Photos: Igor Corbeau