Client: Submarine
Release: Oktober 2009
Link: www.submarinechannel.com/transmedia/sollmann/


The Chinese dragon lost its pearl. Who can collect enough Chinese Qi – ['Chi'] energy – to bring it back? That’s your mission in the QiGame.

The QiGame is a commissioned game for The Tropenmuseum Junior (TMJ) in Amsterdam. Once every three years, TMJ presents a complete new exhibition in which children from the ages of 6 to 13 can get acquainted with another culture in an interactive way.

After a lot of hard word, the TMJ opened the exhibit ‘The Qi of China’ on October 9 2009. TMJ asked producer Submarine to translate the main idea behind the museum exhibit to a game experience. Out of this collaboration the concept for the QiGame was born. QiGame is an online game that, as you play it, lets you get acquainted with some of the elements that define Chinese culture, such as Chinese characters, the subtle balance of yin and yang in Chinese food and acupuncture.

Contribution to QiGame

Because the QiGame was about the Chinese culture, it was evident that it had to sound the part. So I did some research into traditional Chinese music. Eventually I did follow all of the rules of the aforementioned musical style, but I didn’t stray too far from it either. The use to the erhu (chinese bowed instrument) and the dizi (chinese flute) contributed a lot in creating the right atmosphere.