Client: KamerBlauwLicht
Release: 2011


Selective mutism is a rare and complex anxiety disorder that makes it hard for a person (usually a child) to talk in certain environments or to certain people. Maretha de Jonge has developed a therapy for children with this disorder. Luiderslot is a game that was designed alongside this therapy.

Luiderslot is a magical castle. But something happened that took away all its colors and sounds. Now it’s up to the player and his helper Yep The Dragon to find the ingredients for a magical potion that will bring back all the colors and sounds to the castle. This can be accomplished by playing several kinds of mini-games that have something to do with the therapy. For example, there’s a game in which the player has to use their microphone to make sounds in order to get past certain obstacles.

The further the player gets into the game, the harder the mini-games get, and the more progress he/she has made in the therapy.

Contribution to Luiderslot

An important subject in the game is ‘being brave’, or ‘not being afraid to talk’. Therefore, the music and sounds had to sound heroic and happy/positive in order to convey that feeling to the player.