Client: Monobanda
Release: 2011
Link: http://www.monobanda.nl/?portfolio=iwhisper


iWhisper puts a layer of sound over the city of Utrecht in the form of audio experiences for your iPhone. I was asked to create one of those audio experiences. The target audience is Dutch, so all conversations are in the Dutch language.

Contribution to iWhisper

Titled ‘Straatmensen’ (Street People), by audio experience is about three characters that spend an important part of their lives on the street: a police officer, a drifter and a vigilante called ‘De Utrechtse Rechter’ (The Judge of Utrecht). Each of these characters is featured in three scenes (one of which also features another one of the three). These scenes are activated when the listener is standing in a specific spot in Utrecht.

Each scene is introduced by a piece or rhythmical music. In this piece of music, sounds from the corresponding spot are used as instruments. There’s one scene in a bike park for example. At the beginning of this scene, sounds of bicycle bells and the hitting of iron bars are used. This way, the environment around the listener comes to life before the story begins.

I also composed a piece of music for every character, and I acted out all the voices.