Client: KamerBlauwLicht
Release: 3 October 2012
Link: http://www.hizzquiz.nl/


What’s cod liver oil made of? And what’s another work for the Dutch word “poep stoel”? In HizzQuiz you will learn the history of Gelderland in an entirely different way: with the help of museum pieces from all over Gelderland. Maybe you know the answers to some of the questions right away, but you can also bet on several answers at once. HizzQuiz is a tactical knowledge game with humor!

Contribution to HizzQuiz

There were three places where music was needed in HizzQuiz; in the introduction, the game itself and at the announcement of the winner (beginning, middle and end). The style is a light combination of Barok music (violins and a harpsichord), tribe music (bongo’s) and modern (synthesizer), including short solo’s of each style.

Some sound effects I used sound a bit ‘wooden mechanical’. That’s because the game environment consists out of a lot of wooden panels, some of which can move.

We outsourced the voice recording, but it was my job to pick out the best performances, cut the recordings into usable pieces, and do the final mixing.


source: www.hizzquiz.nl
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