This is a list of projects I worked on. The most recent projects are listed at the top.
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In HizzQuiz you will learn the history of Gelderland in an entirely different way: with the help of museum pieces from all over Gelderland.
Waarom is het hier zo stil?Why is it so quiet here?
Why is it so quiet here? takes you on a visit to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen through the eyes and thoughts of the artist Jan Rothuizen.
Visual artist Marcel van Eeden and game developer Jorrit de Vries created a short, third-person, 3D mystery game that challenges preconceived notions of the traditional game avatar.
Hola LaraHola Lara!
Hola Lara! is a transmedial production of Submarine and VPRO in co-production with Tomavistas and Red Kite Animation. The project consists out of a 16-part animation series, a blog and a website with games for children aged 9 to 12.
iWhisper puts a layer of sound over the city of Utrecht in the form of audio experiences for your iPhone.
Selective mutism is a rare and complex anxiety disorder that makes it hard for a person (usually a child) to talk in certain environments or to certain people. Maretha de Jonge has developed a therapy for children with this disorder. Luiderslot is a game that was designed alongside this therapy.
Project AmydgalaProject Amygdala
Project Amygdala was my graduation project. It’s an interactive audi0-experience in which the player has to try and navigate through a 3D environment on sound alone.
The Chinese dragon lost its pearl. Who can collect enough Chinese Qi – ['Chi'] energy – to bring it back? That’s your mission in the QiGame.
Hotel LumaHotel Luma
The beautiful world of Katamaro is in peril. Its six gods have fallen asleep because of all their hard work and the world is left uncared-for. As the owner of Hotel Luma, it’s your job to earn enough Luma coins and wake up the gods from their magical slumber.
Spoorzoeker (translated ‘Path Finder’) is a theatrical adaptation of Hans Hagen’s book Het Spoor van de Panther (translated ‘The Trail of the Panther’), made for children aged 6 and over. It tells a tale of a girl named Djit and her journey to save her lost goat from the claws of the panther.