A Hero’s Mania

Check out the new addition to The Concert Hall called A Hero’s Mania.
Download it and use it. It’s royalty free music!

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Sollmann at Museum Hilversum

Since April 14, the game Sollmann can be played at Museum Hilversum as part of the exhibit It’s Art in The Game. I attended the opening together with my camera. Below is a short video report.

The exhibit closes its doors on Juli 1st. For more information about the exhibit, visit http://www.museumhilversum.nl/tentoonstellingen (NL).

YouTube Preview Image

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I’d like to welcome everyone to the new site of my own Studio’ RaMa!

Aside from a collection of my work from the projects I’ve been a part of , I will also put some (free) music and sound effects for you to download on the Play and Download pages called The Concert Hall, The Radio Tower, Club SR and Sound Effects. I’m also planning on writing an article every now and then about subjects that are related to things such as sound, music and games.

So don’t be affraid to come back here, because there will be a lot of content added in the coming times.

Interested in what I have to offer? Fill in the form on the contact page, or send an e-mail to raoul@studio-rama.net.

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