TotW: Emiliana Torrini – Lifesaver

Emiliana TorriniTrack of the Week! This will be a weekly post in which I choose a song or musical piece I like (or find interesting) and discuss it.

This first week’s Track of the Week is one of my favorite songs by Emiliana Torrini; Lifesaver.


The accompaniment to this song sounds simple, but is beautifully effective. Listening to the slowly pulsating volume of the guitar’s repeated picking pattern almost gives me the feeling of floating on the waves of the sea. Going up… and down… Up… and down…


I also notice the subtle sound of wind or waves, paired with the creaking of wood (a ship, boat or maybe wreckage). These subtle ‘windwaves’ seem to be more or less in synch with the rhythm of the song. Every two or four bars, they start building up again. It’s like nature’s playing along with the music. Even the creaking wood plays along. Right after the bridge (at 2:49) it brings the song to the next verse with a few short rhythmic hits.

Your Opinion

What do you think of this song? Is it soothing, or do you find it sea sickening? Maybe both?
Leave a comment below and let me know.

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